Accompanying article 35b, paragraph 1, of the Regulation on the Legal Profession.

This registration obliges every lawyer to obtain ten training points in each registered area of law every calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

The register of legal entities of the Netherlands Bar Association includes the following lawyers with the following areas of expertise:

  • Mr. Borghans: Insolvency law (Bankruptcy and suspension of payments); Injury law
  • Mr Bouwmeister: Employment law
  • mr Duinkerke: Business law (directors' liability, mergers and acquisitions, companies, associations and foundations)
  • mr. Egbers: Labour law
  • mr. Greuters: Procurement law; Construction law
  • mr. Hermesdorf: Arbeidsrecht
  • mr. Loo: Bestuursrecht; Omgevingsrecht
  • mr. Plaß: Ondernemingsrecht (Fusies en overnames, Vennootschappen) en Privacy recht
  • mr. Ramakers: Construction law
  • mr. Roest: insolvency law (bankruptcy, suspension of payments, WSNP) and criminal law (financial economic criminal law, fiscal criminal law, environmental criminal law, TBS)
  • mr. Van de Vorle: Bestuursrecht en Strafrecht

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