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Areas of law

Rental law

Landlords of real estate have to deal with rules and regulations that are not always clear and are constantly changing. Our tenancy lawyers will be happy to help you solve and prevent problems in letting and renting property.

Our clients

We work for private and commercial landlords, housing corporations, estate agents, property developers, companies, care institutions, (semi-) governmental bodies and property managers.

Advice and support

We assist and advise in the drafting of contracts, termination procedures, evictions, rent adjustments, determination of defects and substitutions. A special area of attention of De Kempenaer is advising and assisting in large projects, such as the renovation of a neighbourhood or the redevelopment of a shopping area.

Appeal specialist

Have you lost a rental case and do you want to know where you stand? Get litigation advice from a specialist!

Are you confronted with an unsatisfactory court decision in a rental or property dispute? Undoubtedly you are full of questions and looking for good advice: "How did it come to this? Does it make sense to appeal, and how promising is that? How long will such a procedure take and what costs should I expect?

Our tenancy law specialists and real estate lawyers can, due to our extensive litigation experience at courts and tribunals, properly assess your chances of appeal and advise you. In addition to entrepreneurs and private individuals, fellow lawyers and jurists can also come to us.

For entrepreneurs / private individuals

Have you been litigating at court without a lawyer (specialised in tenancy law) and are you now looking for a specialist? Then you have come to the right place. We will first assess your chances of appeal, before you decide whether or not you wish to continue with the proceedings. We do this for a fixed price, so that there are no surprises. More information about the costs can be found below under the heading 'Fixed fees'.

For lawyers / jurists

Are you surprised by the decision of the Subdistrict Court or the Interim Injunction Judge? Do you have doubts about the follow-up advice to your client? We can give you specialist and neutral advice, even if you want to continue to handle the appeal proceedings yourself. It goes without saying that the case and the client remain with you.

We will be happy to think along with you, for example about the strategy to be followed, an estimate of the litigation chances on appeal or feedback on your own advice. Depending on the framework, we can make fixed price agreements. You will find more information about the costs below under the heading 'Fixed prices'.

Trial advice at first instance

Even if the case has not yet been brought to court by you or the other party, it may be wise to first seek advice from one of our specialised lawyers. Litigation advice helps you to determine your position: How promising is your case? Do you initiate proceedings or is it wiser to settle? Do you want to defend yourself in the proceedings, or would it be better to negotiate: but what is your negotiation position? With an initial litigation advice or second opinion, we shed legal, strategic and practical light on your case.

A litigation advice is a written opinion on the case with a substantive assessment of the legal position, the position of evidence, the expected procedure, possible strategies, the chances of success and the expected costs. A litigation advice can also be designed as an application for litigation funding with an external financier, with whom we work closely.

Fixed prices

We offer litigation advice and a second opinion at first instance (in court) or on appeal for a fixed price. It is also possible to agree a fixed price with us for support work. If you commission us to handle the case after we have given the trial advice, you will receive a discount of 50% of the price of the trial advice on the follow-up work.

Rent Importance Price excluding VAT
  • process advice
  • second opinion
  • application for process funding
If the other party has already issued a writ of summons or submitted a statement of objections, we can review the case more quickly and an additional discount can be agreed upon.
< € 25.000
€ 1.300
€ 2.900
€ 25.000 – € 100.000
€ 1.750
€ 3.500
€ 100.000 – € 500.000
€ 2.950
€ 4.500
> € 500.000
€ 3.950
€ 5.900
Claim of indeterminate value Court
n.o.c. depending on
of importance and complexity
of the case

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