Criminal law

You could be faced with a criminal investigation, privately or with your company. Criminal action raises many different questions. Are you regarded as a witness or as a suspect? Do you have to take part in an enquiry and what does a summons mean? How will the process run? And what is the sentence or penalty that can be imposed in a case? If you are involved with the police or judicial authorities in connection with an offence, you can always rely on the criminal lawyers from De Kempenaer.

Our clients

We work for private individuals as well as companies. We work closely with the German Desk when providing legal aid to German residents who are fined or prosecuted in the Netherlands.

Advice and support

In the first instance we always try to avoid a criminal trial. However, if there is a trial, we will be on hand throughout. Our lawyers are specialised in the following areas:

  • administrative criminal law (Netherlands Competition Authority, Labour Inspectorate, etc.)
  • cassation cases/appeals
  • tax, financial, economic and corporate criminal law
  • integrity (The Dutch Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism Act (Wwft), Certificate of Good Behaviour, Public Administration (Probity in Decision-making) Act)
  • international criminal law (surrender of persons, extradition, mutual legal aid)
  • juvenile criminal law
  • environmental criminal law
  • military criminal justice
  • asset recovery and distraint
  • traffic law (driving licence, accidents with serious consequences).

Our criminal lawyers are part of the Sanction Desk

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