Personal and family law

De Kempenaer family law specialists are closely involved in everything pertaining to your individual privacy. From birth to marriage and from matters of succession to divorce. In divorce matters we can call on professionals from our divorce desk Helianthus, for example if the effects of a divorce concern your pension, mortgage, will or your company.  

Our lawyers

Our personal and family law and inheritance law section includes MfN register mediators, Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (VFAS) and consultation divorce lawyers.

Advice and support

The emotional and financial effects of a divorce are always far-reaching. Sound legal advice can help you to understand how your situation will be after the divorce. Our lawyers can give you all kinds of practical advice regarding, for example, children and/or partner alimony, distribution of personal effects, your home, a parenting plan and your pension. This ensures that you take the right decisions and that our lawyers can settle the divorce for you. In some circumstances, mediation is the most suitable approach for your divorce. Click here for further information.

We can provide certain services for a fixed fee. Our lawyers can always give you more information about this.

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