Mediation is a form of arbitration and means that parties work on resolving their dispute themselves under the leadership of a mediator, without judicial intervention. This might involve, for example, a business dispute between companies or an internal conflict in an enterprise or company, but conflicts in the area of relationships (family relations, heirs or neighbours) are also suited to mediation.

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We work for private individuals and companies. 

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Mediation concerns the creation of terms and conditions for negotiation so that parties can get a grip on their own situation again. Resumption of mutual communication is essential. There must be a basis for continuing, together or apart, once negotiations have ended. This applies to both private and business issues. Our mediators will support you in this process and help you to find a solution that suits both parties.

In divorce and family mediation, it is also important for the children to receive proper attention. Our lawyers are trained for this and work with a children’s coach if the circumstances require this. 

A specific area is forensic mediation where the court assigns a mediator. In this case the mediator helps the court with an expert opinion so that the court can take a decision, or so that parties can reach a solution together. 

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