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Sports law covers all possible legal affairs in the sports sector. For example, labour law issues, including breach of contract, contract law, doping, image rights, match fixing, regulatory disputes, selection criteria, disciplinary cases and suspensions. Our sports law lawyers know all the ins and outs of this dynamic legal playing field.

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Our specific expertise focuses on international sports law: cross-border conflicts relating to athletes, clubs, coaches (trainers), (inter)national sports associations and players’ agents. We will, of course, also advise you in relation to national queries. 

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Conflicts concerned with sports law are generally not settled by courts of law but via mediation or internal dispute resolution bodies of sports associations. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Switzerland is a key player in this as an international sport tribunal. Other relevant internal bodies include the Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC) and the Players’ Status Committee (PSC) of FIFA and the Basketball Arbitral Tribunal (BAT) of FIBA. Because of the differences in court procedures, actions pertaining to sports law require another approach. Our sports lawyers can advise you on this based on their experience with the application of statutes and rules of various international sports associations (in particular FIFA and UEFA) and Swiss law. 

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Recent Developments in International Sports Law | 7 June and 6 December 2018

Course on International Sports law for lawyers working in (international) sports law, (CAS) arbitrators, disciplinary judges, lawyers of sports governing bodies, sports organizations, clubs, collective bodies and players’ agents / intermediaries.

April 2018

Football Legal #8 December 2017 | Players entitled to a share of their transfer fee, Taxes of up to 75% levied on clubs: An Analysis

Article by Lennart van de Peppel, p. 211-217

February 2018

CEU and Rex Sport launch an Online Master in International Sports Law

Sports lawyers Manfred Nan and Dennis Koolaard will lecture in International Sports Law of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia, organized in cooperation with RexSport.

December 2017

Disciplinary procedures in Dutch football

International Sports Law and Policy Bulletin 1/2017: Disciplinary procedures in football. An International and Comparative Analysis | Disciplinary procedures in Dutch football by Manfred Nan and Ninon Kok, p. 483 - 523

November 2017

Football Legal #7 June 2017 | The certification of Intermediaries in the Netherlands

Article by Dennis Koolaard, p. 283-286

July 2017

Football Legal #7 June 2017 | Minors in the Netherlands

Article by Dennis Koolaard & Lennart van de Peppel, p. 143-147

July 2017

Football Legal #6 November 2016 | FC Twente sanctioned for violating the KNVB Licensing Regulations

Article by Dennis Koolaard & Lennart van de Peppel, p. 190-194

November 2016

The implementation of FIFA’s new Intermediary Regulations in the Netherlands

International Sports Law and Policy Bulletin 1/2015: The FIFA regulations on working with intermediaries implementation at national level: the Netherlands.

December 2015