German desk

The German Desk advises and supports companies involved in cross-border business. Dutch and German lawyers are affiliated to the German Desk who are also authorised as Rechstanwalt in Germany. With jurisdiction in both countries, we are familiar with the differences in law and legislation between the Netherlands and Germany. Because of the dual nationalities involved, we also know the ins and outs of the language & culture of our German and Dutch clients.

Our clients

We work for German companies who do business in the Netherlands and Dutch companies active in Germany. Our clients work in a range of different sectors.

Cross-border advice and support

Thanks to a large network of good contacts with fellow lawyers in Germany, we can create the link between Dutch and German law. We are in a position to provide companies – both domestically and abroad – with sound legal support. Support which is not only geared towards resolving disputes, but which also anticipates possible legal pitfalls.

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