Collection desk

Collecting outstanding debts is a time-consuming business. Time you can better spend on other business activities. Our collection desk takes care of all debt collection activities from your debtors. From sending demands for payment and supervising agreed payment arrangements to conducting legal procedures and instituting bankruptcy proceedings against your debtor.

Our clients

We work for companies in various sectors and industries.

Advice and support

Experience shows that a letter from a lawyer to your debtor often achieves the desired effect. If your invoice remains unpaid, measures can then be implemented quickly. The work of the collection desk is carried out by experienced staff under the supervision of specialist lawyers.

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Work activities

The work of the collection desk is carried out by experienced staff. These employees are managed by specialist lawyers in the field. Our work comprises the following:

  • sending written demands for payment;
  • mediating when making a payment arrangement between you and your debtor;
  • supervising agreed payment schemes;
  • preparing a (collection) summons;
  • conducting proceedings with the competent court in the Netherlands;
  • ensuring that a judgement is enforced by the bailiff.

At your request, we also carry out the following work:

  • arranging for debt recovery research into your debtor;
  • imposing a prejudgement attachment on your debtor’s assets or attached by garnishment;
  • instituting bankruptcy proceedings against your debtor.


In order to collect your debt in the correct way, we require various pieces of information and documents from you:

  • copies of important documents, such as the order confirmation, the agreement, the general terms and conditions you applied, the invoices to be collected with the corresponding specifications, etc.:
  • if you have already taken action, please send us a list of the actions you have undertaken. If your debtor does not agree with your invoice, we would like to know their reasons for not proceeding with the payment.

No profit, no bonus

We work according to the basic rule that your debtor pays our costs. In principle, after receiving the claimed sum, we shall pay out the principal sum of your claim. Our efforts are rewarded with the costs and interest recovered from the debtor. In this case, the collection costs you nothing.

If your debtor pays an amount that is lower than the principal sum, plus interest and costs, we will settle in accordance with the following sliding scale:

  • 10% on the first €10,000;
  • 8% on any additional amount up to €50,000;
  • 4% on any additional amount up to €100,000;
  • 2% on any additional amount.

In addition, we will charge a contribution towards the file fees (for extracts, administrative charges, etc.) of €65.00. In this instance, the collection will cost you a maximum of 10% of the principal sum, plus the file fees. 

Recovering costs from your debtor

If your debtor fails to pay anything at all, we will not charge a fee for our work. We will, in that case, charge a contribution towards the file fees. Here, the collection costs you €65.00.

In judicial debt collection the principle of ‘no profit, no bonus’ also applies. The costs awarded by the court and the allotted interest constitute the remuneration for our work. We will try to recover all the costs from your debtor. If your debtor has sufficient assets from which the debt can be recovered, you will be reimbursed these costs.

If there is a more comprehensive legal dispute at stake here than a simple debt collection case, we will inform you. For example, this would happen if your debtor puts up a defence on the merits of your claim and correspondence and proceedings on this basis are necessary. In that case, we from the Netherlands Bar Association can no longer work in accordance with our principle of ‘no profit, no bonus’ and we will apply our regular hourly rate.