J.P.A. (Jip) Greuters

Lawyer since 1987

Jip is direct and pragmatic, likes to tackle a case, is strongly involved in his surroundings, and is able to really understand his clients. He builds a case, soon gets to the heart of the matter and frees the legal matters of any pretensions. His work is done only when the client fully grasps the situation.

Specialist association

  • Vereniging voor Bouwrecht (VBR)
  • Vereniging voor Bouwrecht-Advocaten (VBR-A)
  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht (NvVA)



Additional functions

  • Member of Bouwsociëteit Arnhem
  • Member of Centrum voor (landschaps) Architectuur en Stedenbouw Arnhem (CASA)